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Tanoue Ikuto (田植(たのうえ) 郁人(いくと)) is a midfielder for Tonegawa Tousen.


He has fair skin and is the shortest in his team. He has short, black hair and black, dotted eyes.


Before the match with Inakuni Raimon began, all Tonegawa Tousen's players gathered around their captain, Endou Mamoru, who encouraged them to fight. Just right after the beginning Raimon's players started to pass the ball between themselves and Tanoue was trying to block Hiura Kirina with Muhyou Jou, however he didn't succeed. After Raimon's failed attempt to score, Tonegawa kept passing with precision, showing everyone perfect teamwork which made a big impression on Inakuni Raimon players. In Sakanoue Noboru's flashback it was seen how they met with Endou for the first time, when he prepared for training a huge pile of tires. They were surprised when Endou explained what was his plan to strengthen Japan and face the world. They got excited that they could take part in the Football Frontier tournament if they worked hard. However at the same time they doubted whether it was possible since their soccer club was completely new. Their conversation ended with a quarrel and Endou calmed them down. Later he explained that he chose that school because it reminded him old times when there wasn't soccer club in Raimon yet. Although most of them were just amateurs, Endou promised to teach them everything from the beginning. Tanoue asked Endou if he was going to use tires for training and he confirmed it.

With Endou's support the team was motivated and ready to action. When Raimon counterattacked, Endou easily protected the goal and encouraged the team to keep fighting with Shimomachi Kakeru and Kaname Mizuho scoring the first goal quickle after. When the second half of the match started, both teams were fighting fiercely but Raimon was in disarray. Unlike them Tonegawa's players were supporting each other and warming up. Later Raimon's players united their efforts and managed to score the first goal, tying with Tonegawa 1-1, but they were unable to score another because of Endou's Fuujin Raijin. Although at the end Tonegawa's players were really exhausted but they didn't give up. With new player Tanukigahara Ponko they fought to the bitter end. The last Raimon's shot was too powerful for Endou and Tonegawa lost with 2 points. Despite this they were still happy and proud that thanks to Endou they went high.



  • As seen in Episode 21, he used to be part of a gardening club before being recruited by Endou for the soccer club.
    • His Japanese surname means "rice planting", which may be a pun on his hobby as a gardener. His surname in the dub, Farmer, refers to the same thing.