Team Garshield Emblem

Team Garshield (チ-ム・ガルシルド ) is a team appearing in the third game/season. This team was created by Garshield Bayhan.


  1. Fox (GK)
  2. Jackal (DF)
  3. Lubbock Henktacker (DF/captain)
  4. Buffalo (DF)
  5. Dingo (DF)
  6. Owl (MF)
  7. Hedgehog (MF)
  8. Mantis (MF)
  9. Crow (MF)
  10. Coyote (FW)
  11. Scorpion (FW)
  12. Goliath (GK)
  13. Spider (DF)
  14. Giraffe (MF)
  15. Gavial (FW)
  16. Papillon (DF)


Team Garshield vs Inazuma Japan

When they fought against Inazuma Japan it was for them to test their new powers and soon they got the advantage in the match, but Inazuma Japan demonstrated them that they don´t need any system to get better at soccer but that they only need to train hard.



  • All of the members of Team Garshield are named after animals, except for Henktacker and Goliath.
  • All of members have a scarf around the neck and the waist worn in different ways, it depends on the character. Also, some members have a third scarf around the front (like Buffalo, Crow or Gavial).


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