Team K emblem

Team K (チームK, Chīmu K) is an Italian team created by Mister K, with the purpose of taking Orpheus' place in the FFI.


Team K's game formation

Team K formation.

The standard jersey for this team is a long-sleeved, grayish-blue shirt with a blue pattern around the sleeve area and a blue collar, fitted over a black undershirt. Followed by this is a pair of blue shorts (with black underneath), black socks, and cleats. The goalkeeper's uniform consists of a long-sleeved, violet shirt with a bluish-gray collar and stripes under the arms and both sides of the mid-body area of the same color. Shorts are also violet, with black underneath. The cleats are worn over socks, which are colored grayish-blue with a black stripe around the top. Cleats are yellow and black for both the regular jersey and the goalkeeper jersey. The captain's band is yellow.


  1. Indigo Lazuli (GK)
  2. Roseo Diamante (DF)
  3. Azubel Turchese (DF)
  4. Nero Agata (DF)
  5. Azzurro Zaffire (DF)
  6. Verdio Smeraldo (MF)
  7. Rosso Granato (MF)
  8. Giallo Topazio (MF)
  9. Violette Ametista (FW)
  10. Demonio Strada (MF/captain)
  11. Bianco Perla (FW)
  12. Grigio Gesso (GK)
  13. Pardo Berillo (DF)
  14. Marrone Titanito (MF)
  15. Amaranto Rubino (MF)
  16. Rattimo Opale (FW)


  • Almost all of the members' surnames have something to do with a gemstone.
  • Most of the members (excluding Pardo Berillo) have hissatsus that are also used by Teikoku Gakuen's players. This is most likely because Kageyama coached both teams.
  • In both the original and dub versions of the anime, the team name is the first letter of their coach's surname: K and D for Kageyama and Dark, respectively.


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