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Team Masato (チームマサト, Chīmu Masato) is a game exclusive team.


Their uniform is a white t-shirt with dark gray streaks on sleeves, blue streak around neck and gray shirt under it, fitted along with white shorts. Socks are white, and cleats are black, blue and white. The goalkeeper uniform is gray, long-sleeved with dark black sleeves, yellow mark and white shirt under it fitted along with black shorts, red gloves, yellow socks and white, red and black cleats.


They can be challenged in the second game in the blizzard version and third game of the Inazuma Eleven game series.

In the second game, you must have completed the story mode in order to challenge them. Go to the Oumihara's coach and talk to him. Team Masato will be the third team in the upper route.


  1. Yellow S (GK)
  2. Platinum (DF)
  3. Yokochi (DF)
  4. Green (DF)
  5. Blue S (DF)
  6. Blue (MF)
  7. Hijikata Raiden (MF)
  8. Green S (MF)
  9. Red S (FW)
  10. Gouenji Masato (FW/captain)
  11. Pink S (FW)
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