Tenhou Chiretsu (天崩地裂(てんほうちれつ), lit. Heaven and Earth Fissure) is a combination shoot hissatsu technique.



Inazuma Eleven AC: Dream Battle

Inazuma Eleven AC: All Stars


Tenhou Chiretsu was first used during the final Asia preliminaries match of the Football Frontier International against Inazuma Japan. As a final attempt on scoring the equalizing goal for the Soccer Zatsugidan, Li Hao and Zhou Xing combined their power and used this powerful combination shot. It faced Endou's, Saginuma's and Nishikage's The Asura, which it pushed back. However, as Nosaka, Asuto and Haizaki ran back to help cover for its strength, they just were able to stop it, right as the match ended.


Two users run together along a straight green path to the goal. One player kicks the ball upwards, and the other leaps into the air, spinning and kicking downwards in a manner similar to Tenkuu Hayabusadan. As the player in midair dives, the first player spins and kicks the ball upwards again, causing the ground below to crack. The first player also leaps upwards, joins the second player, and kicks the ball together. This causes a great impact, cracking the ground below, as the ball speeds toward the goal.






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ผืนแผ่นฟ้าพังทลาย (Tenhou Chiretsu) Inazuma Eleven Orion Ep.19 Highlights

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