Tenkuu Hayabusadan (天空隼弾(てんくうはやぶさだん), lit. Sky Falcon's Bullet) is a shoot hissatsu technique.



Inazuma Eleven AC: Dream Battle


During the match between Soccer Zatsugidan and Inazuma Japan, this hissatsu was used by Li Hao after the hissatsu tactic, Banri no Choujou. It was able to score two goals by overheading Endou's Fuujin Raijin Ghost, evading the defense completely. The third time, however, it was blocked by Nosaka Yuuma, who ran back to kick the ball away. Later, Tenkuu Hayabusadan was completely blocked by Endou, Saginuma, and Nishikage with The Asura, a new hissatsu.

Li Hao used the technique twice more during the second half, after Banri no Choujou fired him into the air. However, just like last time, it faced The Asura, and couldn't break through, even though it made it difficult for them.


The user is shot into the sky beyond the clouds. The user then twirls and spins in midair, and kicks the ball as a blue aura surrounds the ball. The shoot, forming bright blue trail, falls all the way down and heads toward the goal.






Banri no Choujou & Tenkuu Hayabusadan VS Fuujin Raijin Ghost

Banri no Choujou & Tenkuu Hayabusadan VS Fuujin Raijin Ghost

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