This article is about Saudi Arabia's national team of the original Inazuma Eleven series, for the national team of Inazuma Eleven GO, visit Shamshir.

The Barracuda (ザ・バラクーダ, Za Barakūda) is Saudi Arabia's national team in the Football Frontier International.


The Barracuda's coach

Barracuda's coach.

They were first mentioned in the introduction ceremony of the teams that would be participating in the Asian category of the Football Frontier International. It was mentioned that The Barracuda represented Saudi Arabia and only the coach was shown for a few seconds.

After defeating the Chinese team in the first round, they had a match against Fire Dragon in the FFI Qualifiers but lost with a score of 0-4, which is why they couldn't have a match against Inazuma Japan.


  • This team doesn't appear in the game and anime.
  • This team was only mentioned during the introduction ceremony of the players in Asia.


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