The Boyon (ザ・ボヨン, Za Boyon) is a catch hissatsu technique.



Inazuma Eleven AC: All Stars


This technique was first used during the match between Inazuma Japan and Muteki no Giant. As Atsuya shot on goal with his technique, Hissatsu Kumagoroshi Zan, Alonso had already moved in the shoot course, and used his own technique, The Boyon, to easily stop the shot.

During the second half, Alonso used this technique once again when he faced Atsuya's Hissatsu Kumagoroshi Zan. And just like in the first half, Alonso easily was able to save the shot. Later, he also faced Goujin's Fire Lemonade Rising, and Alonso was able to save this powerful shot as well.


The goalkeeper wraps his arms around him tightly, making huge blue water droplets to form on his entire body. The drops spread until the goalkeeper is an amoeba-like transparent mass of water. When the opponents shoot, the ball goes into the mass of water, stretching it until it almost reaches the goal, but remains in the water, which slows the shoot drastically. When the ball stops spinning, the water disappears and the goalkeeper's body materializes again, carrying the ball in his hands.






イナズマイレブンオリオンの刻印 必殺技 ザ•ボヨン

イナズマイレブンオリオンの刻印 必殺技 ザ•ボヨン

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