The Empire emblem

The Empire (ジ・エンパイア, Ji Enpaia) is Argentina's national team. Known for their excellent defense in the Football Frontier International, they won their qualifying rounds without the loss of even one goal in their games. They were the only team to defeat Inazuma Japan in the FFI, but fell in the group stage.


Their uniform consists of a white and light blue color striped jersey, similar to that of Argentina's national team jersey in real life (although differing a little). The shorts are black, and the socks are white, with a thin blue stripe. The goalkeeper uniform is dark blue with light yellow sleeves with blue stripes and a light yellow collar. The shorts are dark gray, and gloves are yellow. The captain's band is yellow.


  1. Jorge Ortega (GK)
  2. Teres Tolue (DF/captain)
  3. Julio Acosta (DF)
  4. Gordo Díaz (DF/MF)
  5. Ramon Martínez (DF)
  6. Esteban Carlos (MF)
  7. Sergio Pérez (MF)
  8. Roberto Torres (MF)
  9. Pablo Castillo (MF)
  10. Leone Batigo (FW)
  11. Diego Oro (FW)
  12. Lionel Cruz (GK)
  13. Mario Saviola (FW)
  14. Hernan Tévez (DF)
  15. Germán Samuel (MF)
  16. Ricardo Agüero (FW)

Hissatsu tactics


Inazuma Japan

Despite their winning streak with no goals from the opposing team, Inazuma Japan managed to break their record during their match by scoring against them for the first using Grand Fire, but Inazuma Japan still lost due to their captain, their coach and strategist not being present during the game because due to the heinous work of Kageyama. During the FFI they managed to win two games; first beating Inazuma Japan with 2-1 and beating Unicorn with 1-0. However they lost their remaining games against Orpheus with a score of 0-1 and against Knights of Queen.



  • It is mentioned that they have never conceded a single goal during the preliminaries.
  • They ended up in the third position in Group A.
  • They are the only team that has beaten Inazuma Japan.
  • This team is similar to Saudi Arabian national team from the Captain Tsubasa series.
    • Both of their captain's positions are defence.​
    • They are both known for having the strongest defence.
    • The Empire's hissatsu tactic, Andes no Arijigoku, is similar to that of Saudi Arabia's tactics, "Arijigoku Defense".


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