The Explosion (ザ・エクスプロージョン, Za Ekusupurōjon) is a shoot hissatsu technique.


Inazuma Eleven AC: Dream Battle

Inazuma Eleven SD


Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin

Kira Hiroto used this hissatsu during the match between Inakuni Raimon and Eisei Gakuen. He first dribble past a lot of Inakuni Raimon players and got 1 on 1 through on goal. He scored the 4-3 for Eisei Gakuen, easily breaking through Umihara Norika's Mermaid Veil. Later, Hiroto used it again twice. The first time, it clashed with Iwato Takashi's The Wall, which it broke through. However, it then was stopped by Mermaid Veil. The last time he used it, it was directly stopped by Norika and her Mermaid Veil.

Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin

Hiroto used this hissatsu during the second half of the match between Inazuma Japan and Red Bison. Three players of Red Bison were approaching him after blinding him and he used this technique to blow them away from him, so that they wouldn't have any chance to injure him.

Hiroto used it again during the match between Shining Satans and Inazuma Japan. He shot it towards Ichihoshi Mitsuru as a way to take him out, as he was delibirately messing Inazuma Japan's plays up. During the second half, he used it again and scored the 4-3 for Inazuma Japan, easily passing Pazuzu Zaham.

The technique was used again during the match between Arab no Hinotori Gundan and Inazuma Japan. Hiroto used it trying to score a goal for Inazuma Japan. However, Falcon Ali managed to easily stop it with his own hissatsu technique, Dynamic Corona.

During the final Football Frontier International match, Hiroto used The Explosion, trying to score Inazuma Japan's first goal against the Soccer Zatsugidan. However, their defender Min Yinqi managed to stop the shot with his technique, Bakugui Shishi.




Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin

Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin The Explosion

Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin The Explosion


  • In Ares, when Hiroto kicks the ball before the explosion occurs, the black sphere simply blows pink smoke. However, in Orion, the black sphere now shows cracks while blowing the pink smoke.
  • The "The" in the hissatsu's name is pronounced Thuh (ザ, Za) instead of Thee (ジ, Ji).
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