The General (ザ・ジェネラル, Za Jeneraru) is an offensive hissatsu tactics.




The General was first used during the final Asia preliminaries match of the Football Frontier International against the Soccer Zatsugidan. After Ichihoshi had analysed the plays, he and Nosaka decided to use this. Breaking through Minna de Jiangshi, it lead to the 3-2 of Inazuma Japan, as Goujin faked his Fire Lemonade Rising and passed to Haizaki, who used his Shark The Deep to score the goal. It was later used again, and clashed with Mouko Shuurai and the Chinese players in the final moments of the match.

The General was used again during the match against Muteki no Giant. As Ichihoshi and Nosaka analyzed the team again, they found a weakness and exploited it perfectly with this hissatsu tactics. In the end, it lead to the equalizing 2-2 for Inazuma Japan.


Within a black, starry background, one player kneels and concentrates while creating blue and white streaked lines. Those blue and white streaked lines are being absorbed by the player and forms a spherical capsule of glowing blue lines of words. The background disappears, and they are on the field again, this time with a bright blue aura. The user uses their hands to cast and pass a glowing blue arrow to another user, who receives it with their finger, surrounded by these lines of words. This second user, now also with a blue aura, casts out even more arrows to all the other players to give them the same glowing aura. Then, everyone on the field has enhanced speed, agility, and other soccer-playing abilities as well. In later stages of The General, a bright blue line is used to indicate and direct the path of the ball to the goal.






"THE GENERAL" - Ichihoshi Hikaru e Nosaka Yuuma

"THE GENERAL" - Ichihoshi Hikaru e Nosaka Yuuma

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