The Great Horn emblem

The Great Horn (ザ・グレイトホーン, Za Gureito Hōn) is South Africa's national team. They played against Little Gigant in the Africa finals and lost.


The players of The Great Horn wear green shirts with yellow stripes on both sides, yellow shorts and green socks with a yellow stripe. The goalkeeper's uniform is red with black sleeves separated by a yellow line, black shorts and red socks.


The Great Horn can be challenged as the fifth team in Endou Daisuke's upper route. All members are between the levels 54 and 62. The players can be recruited after defeating the team once.


  1. Zolani Baloyi (GK)
  2. Dinga Figlan (DF)
  3. Jake Fana (DF/captain)
  4. Mzonge Ledwaba (DF)
  5. Cassius Thobela (DF)
  6. Athol Nortje (MF)
  7. Abari Maringa (MF)
  8. Thulani Mhlongo (MF)
  9. Reggie Ines (FW)
  10. Natal Tsola (FW)
  11. Mulamuli Zamani (FW)
  12. Kenede Mulobedzi (DF)
  13. Mbulelo Tsimba (DF)
  14. Hezekiél de Villiers (FW)
  15. Hugh Makeba (GK)
  16. Themba Sepeng (MF)


The Great Horn Vs. Little Gigant

The Great Horn's unknown hissatsu Game

The Great Horn's unknown shoot hissatsu technique in the game.

The match between Great Horn and Little Gigant was neither shown in the anime nor the game, but in the second cutscene of the third game, it can be seen that three of the members of The Great Horn used an unknown shoot hissatsu against Little Gigant but it was blocked by Rococo's God Hand X. In the game records, it can be seen that The Great Horn lost against Little Gigant in the Africa finals.

Hissatsu tactics



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