The Surprise emblem

The Surprise (ザ・サプライズ, Za Sapuraizu) is a team that can be challenged in Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!.


This team can be challenged in the Tournament mode. All members are at level 99.


The members of this team wear Makai Gundan Z's away uniform.


  1. Jinno (GK)
  2. Fukuda (DF)
  3. Yoshimi (DF)
  4. Haine (DF)
  5. Kanou Rinsuke (DF)
  6. Nyaa (DF)
  7. King (MF)
  8. Hirose (MF)
  9. Green S (FW/captain)
  10. Juuji (MF)
  11. Kouriki (FW)
  12. Tamano Gorou (DF)
  13. Negino (FW)
  14. Chiba (MF)
  15. Muteki Hideo (DF)
  16. Bonten (MF)

Hissatsu tactics


  • The team members are (mainly) scout characters but they can use powerful hissatsus.
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