Time Trance (タイムトランス, Taimu Toransu) is a shoot hissatsu technique.



Inazuma Eleven AC: Dream Battle

Inazuma Eleven AC: All Stars


Time Trance was first used during the match between Inazuma Japan and Shining Satans. During the first half, Satan Gaul used the technique three times. Because of the tricky move, it made Endou mistime his catch technique, Fuujin Raijin. As he missed the shot every time, Time Trance scored three goals in the first half, making the score 1-3 at half time. Satan used it as well in the second half. Endou still hadn't figured out how to stop it, but managed to get a hand to the shot. However, the power was too great, and Time Trance scored, making the score 1-4. When Satan used it again, Raimon Natsumi gave Endou a hint on how to stop it. This resulted in Endou releasing his Fuujin Raijin to stop the first part of Time Trance, and then summoning the third Majin as a new hissatsu technique Fuujin Raijin Ghost, finally stopping Time Trance. Satan used it again in his third form, trying to score the winning goal for Shining Satans. However, Endou easily stopped it with his Fuujin Raijin Ghost.


The user crosses their arms and bows forward. When going up, the ground around their feet ripples. A clock appears and starts going round. At 06:16 the clock hands stop and the user kicks the ball. The ball goes towards the goal in a hypnotic aura. After the user tried stopping the shot, the user kicks another shot to the goal.






Inazuma Eleven Orion Time Trance

Inazuma Eleven Orion Time Trance


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