Tiny Girl emblem

Tiny Girl (タイニーガール, Tainī Gāru) is an all-female team that can be challenged on Raimon Souichirou's lower route.


  1. Chidori (GK)
  2. Quill (DF)
  3. Fudeyama Tome (DF)
  4. Kangaroo (DF)
  5. Araya Konko (DF)
  6. Apple (MF)
  7. Yorozu Hiromi (MF)
  8. Tomiyama (MF)
  9. Kokona (DF/captain)
  10. Kisaragi Mako (FW)
  11. Suzuna (FW)
  12. Akazukin (DF)
  13. Sae (FW)
  14. Naemi (DF)
  15. Mage (DF)
  16. Wakasa (DF)


  • All the players on the team have a physique value of small.
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