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Tsurugi Kyousuke

Tsurugi Kyousuke (剣城(つるぎ) 京介(きょうすけ)) is one of the main protagonists of the Inazuma Eleven GO series. He is a forward for Kuro no Kishidan, Raimon, Raimon (Chrono Stone), Chrono Storm and later in Galaxy, a forward for Inazuma Japan, Earth Eleven and captain for Faram Dite. He's also captain for El Dorado Team 01.


Inazuma Eleven GO

Japanese version

  • "A dark side striker who overwhelms everyone around with his outstanding talent."

English version

  • "A sinister striker with incredible skill who crushes all who oppose him."
Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone
Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Inazuma Eleven Strikers


Young Yuuichi and young Kyousuke in Chrono Stone.

Tsurugi has short spiky navy blue hair with an awkward curled ponytail in the back, and curled spiral-shaped ringlets at the side. He also has pale skin tone like other characters despite being in the sun for so long during a soccer game. He wears an unbuttoned dark purple jacket that looks like a cape with a red t-shirt underneath that has the end of the sleeves black. He has sharp orange eyes with markings underneath them.

In a poster scan for the Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W, his casual clothing is similar to Hakuryuu. The only difference was the color, Tsurugi's being light blue and his pants being brown.

During the flashback he is shown to have worn a red colored long sleeved shirt with the edges of the shirt's arms and neck in black and white checkered (another white line curves underneath the neck checkers), dark apple green track pants, white trainers with a red line in the middle. However, in the flashback in Chrono Stone, his young self wears a green button up t-shirt with a longer blue shirt inside. In the Cretaceous Era, he wears a green-brown shirt with gray lines and without sleeves. In the shoes are green-brown with a gray line too. In King Arthur's Era, he wears a white, brown and black knight uniform. His cape is red and he also has a sword.

Mixi Max

Tsurugi Mixi Maxed with Okita.

When he is Mixi Maxed with Okita Souji, his skin becomes more tanned and his hair turned purple grew side bangs and a ponytail. His eyes turns violet with yellow pupils.


Tsurugi was first shown to be very hostile towards soccer, despite being good at it. It is shown that he has an older brother, Tsurugi Yuuichi, who had gotten injured after trying to save Tsurugi from falling off the tree and lost his ability to walk. Despite his hard and cold side he is also shown to be caring, especially towards his older brother; an example would be when Tsurugi is shown to be agitated and worried as he watches his brother attempting to walk again with a nurse assisting him. He also gets angry when someone plays soccer in a bad way, as he did during the match of Raimon against Mannouzaka, when Isozaki Kenma tried to injure Tenma by tackling him. After being with Raimon for a while, he is shown to be more of the "quiet type" and a calmer person. He usually doesn't talk to the other members in Raimon and he doesn't like to get involved. Although he tries to act like he doesn't care for the Raimon members, it is shown that he clearly cares a lot for all of them. Tenma is shown to be closer to him compared to the other members of the Soccer Club.


Inazuma Eleven GO

Young Tsurugi.

He was first seen by Matsukaze Tenma in episode 1 attacking Raimon's second soccer team. There, Tsurugi challenged Tenma and shot at him with his hissatsu, Death Sword; miraculously, Tenma was able to block it without even using a hissatsu, which surprised everyone. Then Raimon's first team led by Shindou Takuto appeared to help the second team. His team, Kuro no Kishidan, and Raimon got into a match in which Raimon gets badly beaten. Sangoku Taichi wasn't able to stop Tsurugi's Death Sword during the match. Matsukaze helps by joining Raimon and Tsurugi is irritated by how fast Matsukaze can dribble. He then uses a Keshin called Kensei Lancelot which badly beats Matsukaze. Because of what has befallen Raimon and Matsukaze telling Shindou not to give up soccer, Shindou Takuto suddenly brings out his Keshin and went on a duel with Tsurugi but collapses afterwards. Afterwards the match ends Shindou is brought to the hospital and Tsurugi talks with the principal of Raimon. Later the whole Raimon team is shocked to hear that Tsurugi will join Raimon. Shindou is left no choice but to agree and give Tsurugi a Raimon soccer uniform, but Tsurugi pushes it away, making the others angry.

Tsurugi visits his elder brother, Tsurugi Yuuichi, at the hospital in episode 11. It is revealed that Yuuichi had an accident when Kyousuke fell from a tree; Yuuichi saved him, but at the cost of severing his legs. Since that day, Kyousuke always visits his brother at the hospital. He is then taken by Kuroki Zenzou, his former coach, to Ishido Shuuji, Fifth Sector's leader. Ishido tells him that if he makes Raimon lose, his brother can have the surgery that will enable him to play soccer again. Tsurugi later asks Endou to let him take part in Raimon's next match. Minamisawa resigns from the team and Tsurugi is given the No.10 jersey.

At the beginning of the match, he shoots against Raimon's goal and makes an own goal. He tells to Raimon and Mannouzaka that he will destroy the Raimon soccer club on his own.

Later in episode 12, he saves when Isozaki Kenma tries to break the leg of Matsukaze Tenma with a dirty tackle and he uses Death Sword to hit a goal for Raimon after and thereby making the score 1-1. His second attempt to score a goal is blocked by the Mannouzaka goalkeeper who uses his Keshin, Kikai Hei Galleus, to block Death Sword. At his next attempt at shooting, he released his Keshin and managed to use a new hissatsu technique Lost Angel. It made the goal.

During episode 14, Tsurugi is shown to be agitated and worried when watching his brother attempting to walk again with a nurse assisting him.

In episode 15, Tsurugi visited his older brother again at the hospital and was followed by Tenma secretly. When Tenma appeared before the door and introduced himself to Yuuichi. Before he can say anything about calling Tsurugi to come to practice he pulled out by Tsurugi. Tsurugi initially did not appear in the match between Raimon and Teikoku, making Raimon play with one less player.

In the end of episode 16, was surprised when he saw that his brother was missing on the ground. After seeing his brother coming to his room, he kept on insisting him to go and join them as it isn't late for him to go and join them. After it his brother learned that Tsurugi was playing for Fifth Sector because of him. He overheard Tsurugi talking to his former coach from a distance by accident, where Kyousuke stated that would be impossible to Raimon win against Teikoku with only ten players as Teikoku Academy is stronger is then them. Kuroki Zenzou then said that he expect this, but, if Teikoku loses, Tsurugi wouldn't receive the money for his brother surgery.

During episode 17 Yuuichi convinced Tsurugi not to do that, by saying that he never asked him to make him walk up again, and to help his teammates in the semi-finals against Teikoku. He arrives at Teikoku stadium during the halftime and asks Endou to put him in the match, which he replies that the team would choose that. As Tenma choses to believe in Tsurugi, the other members also lets him enter in the match. As the second half begins, he quickly steals the ball from Itsumi Kunihiko and proceeds to use Ultimate Thunder. Thanks to this and his new hissatsu, Death Drop, Raimon finally beat Teikoku with a 3-2 score.

In episode 20 Tenma completes his keshin with Tsurugi's help. Near the beginning of episode 22, he is seen talking to Kirino about Kariya Masaki and the possibility of Kariya being a "SEED" by his behavior. Despite Kirino being suspicious, he doesn't feel like that he truly is a SEED.

In episode 23, he asks Tenma what he thinks about Kariya. When Tenma asks why, Tsurugi tells him to just forget it.

In episode 24, he uses his keshin and scores a goal with his keshin hissatsu.

In episode 25, after Hikaru entered the club, Tsurugi asks him about how long he has been playing soccer, which the new member replies that he only started two months ago. Later, during the training, he comments to Shinsuke and Tenma that at that way, he thinks that Kageyama wouldn't go too far as a player. Later, he and Tenma were trying to complete a Hissatsu Tactics to use in the match against Hakuren in order to break through Zettai Shouheki. Also, he seemed to become angered when Fubuki stated that Ultimate Thunder may not work against Hakuren.

In episode 26, he and Tenma used Double Wing, but it failed because Tenma's passes weren't strong enough; it was finally completed in episode 27 after Kageyama Hikaru replaced Tenma. Tsurugi scored the second point with his Keshin Hissatsu, Lost Angel. In the end, Raimon won against Hakuren.

In episode 28, he was not worried like the others when Endou left the team because he knew that Endou would come back. During the second half of the match against Kidokawa Seishuu, he became a midfielder to put Nishiki as a forward; because of this, Nishiki was able to score three goals and Raimon won.

It is shown in episode 33, that he was standing by his brother's side who was trying to walk.

In episode 34 during the match against Genei Gakuen, he used Death Drop to score the first goal and he used Lost Angel and scored the final goal which makes Raimon the victory.

In episode 36, after seeing Ishido Shuuji save Tenma from a burglar, Tsurugi confronts Ishido and says that the shoot he made was in the style that he and his brother had imitated since their childhood. He then says that Ishido is actually Gouenji Shuuya.

In episode 37, he used his Keshin on an order from Hyoudou to help Shinsuke's Keshin come out. He used Lost Angel and Shinsuke succeeded to stop it, even though his Keshin was incomplete.

In episode 38, he score a goal in the match against Arakumo Gakuen with Lost Angel which make Raimon tie with Arakumo Gakuen and when the first half finish he approaches to Tenma telling him hat he doesn't play seriously in the match and to get out from the field which made the Raimon team shocked.

In episode 39, he, Shindou and Tenma created their Keshin fusion called Matei Gryphon and scored the fourth and winning goal for Raimon.

In episode 40, Tsurugi is seen to meet Yuuka at the hospital after checking on his brother. Yuuka then tells him that Ishido Shuuji is waiting for him and takes him to a place where he could train to learn a new hissatsu technique. It is seen that Tsurugi was training to do Fire Tornado with Ishido Shuuji's help and he trained until he got injured. At the end of the episode he is seen to be talking with Matsukaze Tenma about his idea of making a combination shoot together, which he named Fire Tornado DD.

In episode 41, Tsurugi and Tenma secretly began to practice the hissatsu. Each of them worked very hard and encouraged each other to complete the hissatsu, until Tsurugi got a phone call from the hospital, telling him to come. When Tsurugi and Tenma got to the hospital, the doctor told them that his brother, Yuuichi will be taking the surgery. Tsurugi was very happy and relieved as he was nearly about to cry, but Yuuichi cheered him up. Later, during the match against Seidouzan, Tsurugi scored a goal easily, using Death Drop and breaking Masaki Teiya's Shoot Break.

In episode 42, he was surprised to see Seidouzan getting switched out with Dragonlink and that all the forwards all have Keshin.

In episode 43, after Senguuji made a Keshin shoot against Tenma and Kurama jumped in his front, he, Nishiki and Hamano were beaten by Gomaki Tetsurou and his Majo Queen Redia W's Keshin shoot. Later, he used his keshin many times to stop Dragonlink's, and also used Lost Angel but it was easily stopped by Yamato's Kenou Kingburn W's King Fire. As Mito Shou summoned Seiei Hei Pawn W to score a goal, Tsurugi tried to comeback with Kensei Lancelot, but he was so exhausted that he couldn't summon it anymore. Nishiki then tried to stop him with Sengoku Bushin Musashi, but hadn't a better result.

In episode 44, he was badly beaten by Dragonlink's forwards's Keshin, but then recuperated the ball. Later, he and Tenma used Fire Tornado DD and scored the third goal. He then used Death Drop, which evolved into G3, along with Tenma's 真 Mach Wind and scored the final goal to Raimon. At the end of the episode, he was happy since Raimon won the match.

In episode 46, he along with his other teammates were watching Tominaga Jun's special program about Raimon in the TV.

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone

A New Threat

Tsurugi made his debut appearance in the end of episode 3, roaming around town wearing his usual attire in GO. He actually appeared earlier in this episode but as Yuuichi's flashback and has a slightly older appearance than his young form (flashback) in GO.

Eventually, neither he or his brother got injured but instead, Tsurugi quits soccer on his own and he never went to Raimon Junior High so no one from the soccer club knows him. In episode 4, Yuuichi is trying to convince him to play soccer again, at first it doesn't work, but later, Tsurugi played soccer again.

In episode 5, he listened to the explanation that Dr. Crossword Arno gave to Raimon. Later in the match against Protocol Omega 2.0, he was violently tackled by Dorimu.

In episode 6, he used his Keshin but failed against Beta's Shoot Command 07. Later, he got badly beaten by Protocol Omega 2.0. He later escapes, along with the other Raimon's members, in Inazuma TM Caravan while Beta sealed Endou inside her Sphere Device.

In episode 7, he, along with the rest of the remaining players from Raimon attempt to fuse with their keshin to create Keshin Armed but failed.

In episode 8, he along with the other remaining members were learning things from Shuu about Keshin Armed. They later confront Team A5 again, winning this time as Tenma gets Mixi Maxed with Shuu and later successfully used his Keshin Armed.

In episode 11, he creates his keshin armed with Daisuke's help.

Sengoku Era

In episode 12, he time travels to Sengoku's era with the rest of the Raimon's team.

In episode 13, he played against Shiroshika to rescue Tasuke and his friends. He uses Keshin Armed to score a goal. In the end, they won with 10-2.

In episode 14, he infiltrates the cherry blossom party with his friends, so that, Shindou Takuto can Mixi Max with Nobunaga but it failed. Like the others, he got arrested. Later, he is seen training along with Raimon, Tasuke and his friends in order to face a match against Protocol Omega 2.0 in one week.

In episode 16, he had the ball stolen by Medam's Defense Command 06. Later, he broke Zanou's Keeper Command 03 with a Keshin Armed shoot, scoring Raimon's first goal.

France Era

In episode 20, as they went to Charles's palace, he says to Nanobana Kinako that may be a problem to make Charles believe in their story. Later, he, Kinako and Charles VII have a match against Tenma, Shinsuke and Fei. As Charles deliberately shoots the ball to the goal after the kickoff, Tsurugi warns him that he can't just shoot the ball. Kinako compliments him, saying that soccer is about teamwork, Later, as Tenma tries to made a pass to Fei, he intercept it, stealing the ball.

In episode 21, after Kirino Mixi Maxed with Jeanne d'Arc and stole the ball from Gamma, Tsurugi received a pass from him and used his keshin armed shoot against Rujiku's Keeper Command 07, easily scoring the first goal for Raimon.

Three Kingdoms Era

At the beginning of the episode 22, he was seen training along with Kariya, Shinsuke and Kurama. He easily scored a goal as Shinsuke was having some doubts about his goalkeeper skills. He was seen happy after Taiyou appeared. He was selected by Daisuke to be part of the Raimon's members who would time travel to Three Kingdoms Era. As they arrived, he was seen looking at Ryuu Gentoku in a forest. He was later selected as one of the members to be part of the team that would play a soccer battle against Shuten, Rasetsu, Engiru, Kanu and Chouhi. He was seen angry after Rasetsu despised Tenma and Shindou's skills. He later stole the ball from him and made a pass to Tenma, but this was intercepted by Engiru.

In episode 23, after Shindou blocked Chouhi's mighty shoot and made a pass to him and Tenma, they proceeded to score a goal with Fire Tornado DD, breaking through Shuten's defense and winning the soccer match against Zanark Domain. He later realized how to pass by Koumei's challenge and asked Fei to pass the ball to him. He then made a shot that burned the ball which had hit the platform, succeeding in the challenge and letting Raimon pass. Later, during the match against Karakuri Heibayou, he received the ball from Kirino and proceeded to pass it to Taiyou, who scored a goal with Taiyou Shin Apollo's mighty shoot.

Bakumatsu Era

In episode 26 during the Shogunate Era, he went to search for Okita Souji along with Fei, Kirino, Taiyou, Kariya, Kinako and Midori. He chased after Okita when Okita left the Shinsengumi Headquarters and injured him when he was trying to kill Sakamoto Ryouma. He also joined Raimon later in the soccer battle against Okita Souji and other 4 of Zanark Domain members and scored the goal for Raimon to win. When Okita lost and became sick again, Tsurugi asked about his reason to persist that much, which Okita replies that he does not have much time to leave and he has to kill Sakamoto Ryouma in order to protect the Bakufu. Tsurugi found his ideals to have a great resemblance to his brother, Tsurugi Yuuichi.

In episode 28, during the match against Zanark Domain, he saw his determination resembles even more to his brother. He became interested in convincing Okita Souji and challenges him to an all-out battle. Okita was faster than Tsurugi and managed to help Zanark Domain to score a goal. However, Okita, out of hyper-exhaustion, knelt to the ground and Tsurugi revealed the truth on who his team really is and desperately persuades Okita to lend Tsurugi his power through Mixi Max, mentioning that it would help many people in the future. However, the shocked Okita did not agree to accepting the fact that protecting the Bakufu is the wrong choice to make as he is persistent on carrying out his duty as a Shinsengumi officer to the very end by protecting the Bakufu. He later went to rest on the bench on Raimon's side. Tsurugi was later targeted to suffer some of Zanark Domain's members' rough plays. However, he still persists on reaching the goal, begging Okita to give him his aura to Mixi Max. After persisting for a while later, Okita finally agrees to Mixi Max with Tsurugi. After the match, Tsurugi talked to Okita personally and thanked him. Okita also thanked Tsurugi that he finally realises that he is still living and giving him the feeling of being alive.

Cretaceous Era

During the Cretaceous Era in episode 31, he mentioned he once went to a dinosaur expedition with his brother, Yuuichi, while exploring around the place. He later followed Torb to his house along with the other teammates. He also went to search for Rockstar later to get his aura.

In episode 32, he was still searching for Rockstar along with his other teammates. The next morning, Tsurugi and his teammates fought against Perfect Cascade, who challenged them for a soccer match. At the end, Raimon lost and Rei Rukh was about to use his Sphere Device and the Mind Control mode but they were saved by some dinosaurs, who interrupted the teams.

In episode 33, he was seen training against some dinosaurs with his teammates and was surprised that Kinako had a Keshin. After that, Raimon was challenged again for a soccer match. He used his Mixi Trans with Okita Souji.

Ragnarok Tournament

Tsurugi was chosen as the captain of El Dorado Team 01 and was very surprised, and a little nervous, of the fact that Kidou Yuuto picked him as the captain. He was then reluctant on making the team better. During the match against Zan he was being injured by several of Zan's players on purpose, but he was still persistent to play on the match although he was barely able to stand up.

In episode 43, after the first half of the match between Giru and El Dorado Team 02 ended, he commented how the goals were turning more and more important. Kinako added that to worse the situation the team wasn't united and wondered if they would be okay.

In episode 47, he was shown in the locker room with his other teammates.

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

In episode 1, he is behind Shinsuke on the Raimon line up. When Tenma wondered about who will be chosen, Tsurugi told him that he sounded like he will surely be chosen. Later he was chosen as a member of Inazuma Japan, but was shocked that only him, Tenma and Shindou were the chosen members from Raimon, and that they know none of the other members.

Later, they went to the change room and changed to the Inazuma Japan uniform and said something to all the members. The exhibition match started against Teikoku Gakuen, he received a pass from Shindou but was blocked, and the ball went to Tenma. After no member interact with Shindou's Kami no Takuto FI, the trio realized that none of the other member can play soccer. When Ibuki Munemasa blocked Mikado Haruma's Koutei Penguin 7, he complimented him for knowing what to do as a footballer, but was shocked like Tenma and Shindou when he dribbled the ball up to the field with his hand. After Shindou used Kami no Takuto FI yet again, Tenma and him scored a goal using Fire Tornado DD, which resulted in Inazuma Japan's only goal in the exhibition match. Just as they were celebrating their goal, the match ended.

In episode 2, him, Tenma and Shindou came to Odaiba Soccer Garden together for the first day's practise. After hearing other members' introducing themselve, Shindou is pissed off but he kept silent most of the time. While others have their ball control practises, Tsurugi and Ibuki practised together for his keeping skill, which showed that Ibuki could not keep out any of Tsurugi's shoots, frustrating himself more.

At the first night, he, along with Tenma, came with Shindou to talk with Kuroiwa Ryuusei. After Kuroiwa walked away, Ibuki showed up, saying he is Japan's goalkeeper, which Shindou replied that he won't be of any use under his current condition. Ibuki therefore asked Tsurugi to practice with him, which Shindou proposed that he will practice with him instead of Tsurugi.

The next day, after the co-coach announced that their first opponent will be Fire Dragon, he is shown to be paired up with Ibuki to continue his keeping practice, which Ibuki still could not keep out Tsurugi's shoots but still asked for more. He is also shown to be practicing with Tenma while others rested.

The next day, before their match with Fire Dragon started, Tenma and Shindou were arguing about the new members but Tsurugi interrupted and told them there's a problem in the locker. Tenma, Shindou and he were shocked that actually all eight players were recruited, each with a certain motive. The trio listened in shock as Manabe about them about the motives of Tetsukado, Sakura and Ibuki, and also Matatagi's motive.

When the match started, Tsurugi passed the ball to Matatagi, who instead of passing it back, went up but the ball got stolen easily. Tsurugi ordered others to stop him, in which only Sakura listened but the ball went to Lee Chung-Yun, Fire Dragon's captain.

In episode 3, observing from what he could see now, Tsurugi thought to himself that maybe Shindou's plan was really for the good of the team. After Tenma got past by Kazaana Drive, Tsurugi and Tenma started to dribble up the field together, and even though Matatagi asked for Tsurugi to pass to him, he passed to Tenma instead, but he got blocked by Jibashiri Kaen shortly afterward. After Matatagi asked the trio to let him join them, Tsurugi also agreed that it's worth a try. After Tsurugi's throw-in to Tenma and he passed it to Matatagi, He was shocked that Matatagi kicked the ball with too much force. After Matatagi successfully passed, he passed it back to Tenma, who passed it to Tsurugi. Toward the end of the match, Tsurugi received a pass from Tenma and scored the final goal with Devil Burst.

In episode 4, he was shown talking with Matatagi before practise began, and he was also shocked about the contract's terms. During practice, he criticized both Sakura and Matatagi, as both of them did not practice in the way the trio expected. After practise ended, Shindou asked Tsurugi why were Matatagi and Sakura chosen specifically, in which Tsurugi responded that perhaps they have something that sets them apart from other players.

After Tenma and the others members' temporary meeting, Tsurugi continued to practice, but his practice came to a halt when Ibuki asked him to talk.

The next day, as Shindou asked where was Tsurugi, Aoi told him that he wanted to practice alone. In the evening, it was shown that Tsurugi was practicing with Ibuki. As he intended to end the practice, Ibuki told him to continue. Tsurugi at this point told him he won't hold back either.

The next day, he was shocked that Tenma told them that he wrote the e-mails to assemble everybody who wanted to leave the team. Kuroiwa then told them that if the members pass the With-drawl Test, they will be allowed to leave the team, but he will still fulfill their contract's terms, much to Tsurugi, Aoi and Shindou's shock.

In episode 5, Tsurugi was shocked that the withdrawal test required five shoots missed. When Tenma wondered how to stick the team together, Tsurugi told him to leave them, that he was surprised that there were still Matatagi and Ibuki staying. When Matatagi told Tenma the same theory and told them they should get out, Tsurugi was shown looking at him strangely.

During the test, he was shown watching the test alongside Tenma and Aoi. He also commented that Tetsukado has got a powerful kick. When Tetsukado shooted a goal in the end, Tsurugi commented that it was a nice shoot. After Morimura's shoot miraculously went into the goal, Tenma, Aoi and he were all shocked.

In episode 6, he was shown to be training with Ibuki. After the match started, he received a pass from Tenma and scored a goal with Bicycle Sword, which surprised Tenma. When mostly all the members succumbed to Suck Out, Tsurugi commented that it felt like fighting with the ocean itself. As Tenma and Shindou commented that the data is different with the actual team, Tsurugi doubted that the data may be wrong.

In episode 7, Tsurugi made a pass to Konoha before Sakura crashed into her purposely. When Sakura said that she didn't feel well, Tsurugi stated that since there weren't any other substitute players, they can only switch the positions. While Sakura turned to look at the direction of her parents, Tsurugi noticed it and looked to the same direction.

After receiving Sakura's pass, he kicked it out, but Matatagi caught up with the ball and scored a goal with Parkour Attack. Later he interrupted a pass and passed the ball to Sakura, who failed to follow Kami no Takuto to break out from Suck Out. When Sakura looked to her parents' direction again, Tsurugi asked her if there's anyone she knew was on the audience. When Sakura replied that her parents were watching and stated that they were probably not happy of her not showing off herself more, Tsurugi stated that it was not true, as the goal wouldn't be scored without her passing, and that later her parents will understand her love for soccer, to which Sakura happily agreed.

In episode 8, he joined in the offence group and attempted to score a goal, but was blocked by Ibuki. He was shown to be watching the argument between Tenma and Shindou. Just as Tsurugi was about to leave after the dismiss, Ibuki asked him to train with him, and he agreed. Later it was shown that they trained together. He had also returned to the center after hearing about Kusaka's arrest, and heard about Kusaka's background story along with the other members.

In episode 9, Tsurugi was shown to be watching the argument between Tenma and Shindou. After the match resumed, Tsurugi received a pass from Tenma, but got blocked by a Shamshir player. He was also shown to be shocked about Shamshir's tactic Dai Sabaku Sunaarashi. When Kusaka was provoked to steal the ball from Shamshir, Tsurugi told him not to be anxious and observed the opponents' movements.

After Matatagi scored a goal with Parkour Attack, Tsurugi evened the score with Bicycle Sword.

After the match ended, Tsurugi stated as the matches progressed, everybody is closer to one another, and their middle point is Tenma, to which Shindou only said an "ah" as a reply.

In episode 10, Tsurugi trained with the rest of the members on the football field, and scored a goal against Ibuki. He was shown to be happy after Shindou gave some advice to Tetsukado.

The next morning, the whole team went to the Black Room, a virtual reality training facility. He was shown to be shocked when steel frames fell to the ground. After seeing Tenma determined to finish the training, all the other members, along with Shindou and Tsurugi, also joined the training, except Manabe, Minaho and Ibuki. On the next day, he also trained in the virtual urban city street, swiftly dodging all the steel frames, which shocked Tetsukado and Sakura.

In episode 11, Tsurugi and Tenma were talking about the team while overseeing the eight members' training. Shindou pointed out that Konoha was not present, and Tsurugi remembered she was already not here during breakfast. After he heard about Konoha leaving the team, he did not went out to search for her, but both Shindou and him believed that Tenma could do something about it.

In episode 12, Tsurugi paired up with Manabe in an offense-versus-defense training, and he easily got away from Manabe.

In the beginning of the match, he called out to Tenma to pass the ball to him, but was blocked by Napa Ladam. When Shindou used Kami no Takuto FI again, Tsurugi received a pass from Matatagi and feigned a shoot, and passed the ball to Kusaka, who used Kyoubou Head and scored a goal. Tsurugi was also shown to be complimenting Kusaka for his reaction.

In episode 13, he received a pass from Matatagi but was blocked by Bark Sepakro immediately. After Tsurugi received a pass from Tenma, he was blocked by Death Scythe Middle. While Matatagi was pondering on how to fight against Mach Tiger, Tsurugi told him that forwards could not show irritation or worries.

Later, Tsurugi crashed into Bark, but all the others were distracted due to the argument between Manabe and Minaho. After receiving a pass from Matatagi, he scored a goal with Bicycle Sword. Under Minaho's instruction, Tsurugi passed the ball to Tenma (to prevent Death Scythe Middle) and Tenma scored the final goal with God Wind.

In episode 14, he had a talk with Tetsukado. Tsurugi told him that he needed to be careful, because soccer could be happy, but he could not purge himself to fast to, or else it would be dangerous. Tetsukado asked him if he had the same experience, and he told him that a friend who was formerly an enemy helped him to cross his obstacle.

The next day, before the practice match started, he was nearly hit by a football, but he ducked and kicked it back to the kicker, who was revealed to be Hakuryuu. He was shocked to see Hakuryuu and the other opponents they have encountered during Holy Road, appeared as Resistance Japan, their practice match opponent. He was also shocked to see Shoot Chain. After Tetsukado failed to receive the pass from Shindou, Tsurugi asked him what happened back then, and told him that soccer wasn't all happy and joyful as he thought, and that if he tried to run away from it instead of facing it, soccer would eventually crush him. After the match resumed, he received a pass from Tenma and shot with Bicycle Sword, scoring the only goal of Inazuma Japan. After the match ended, he helped Tetsukado to get up and told him that Soccer is a living thing. It's a wild beast that will attack you if you look away from it (the proverb of episode 14).

In episode 15, Tenma, Shindou and him were the only members who attended the training, while all the others trained in the Black Room instead. Tsurugi was happy that the eight members became serious at training, and told Tenma that they finally found a way face soccer with their own ways. While watching Ibuki training along with Shindou and Kusaka, he asked Ibuki why he chose the goalkeeper position.

In episode 16, he scored the second goal for Inazuma Japan with Bicycle Sword after receiving a pass from Tenma.

In episode 17, he was shocked that Storm Wolf's players had improved their movements. Though he was more surprised when Tenma said that he didn't want this to be their last match. Under Manabe and Minaho's strategy, Tsurugi was able to tie the score with Bicycle Sword. He was shocked like the others when they saw Konoha tackling a player with some aura of Soul. He was also shocked to see Storm Wolf's players changing into aliens and a spaceship appearing in the sky.

In episode 18, he heard about Grand Celesta Galaxy and Earth Eleven along with the team. He was also shocked to know about the true reason to choose the eight members as Earth Eleven along with him, Tenma and Shindou.

In episode 19, he, like the others, was impressed by Zanakurou's dribbling and shooting skill. Later, Yuuichi visited him and wished him good luck, and told him to play in the match of Raimon VS Earth Eleven. Later, he boarded Galaxy Nauts Gou along with the other members of Earth Eleven.

In episode 23 he uses Bicycle Sword to score the final goal against the Sandorius Eleven. After the match, he is seen looking at the formations on his tab and hears the doorbell. As he answers it, he sees the fake Tsurugi and gets his forehead touched, which causes him to go unconscious. He is then kidnapped and is seen in a capsule asleep.

In episode 24, after Tsurugi was brought to Faram Obius by Lalaya Obies' order, she had a conversation with him. She asked Tsurugi to serve her, in which he refused. Later, Tsurugi was given a tour around the city and he was impressed by her leadership. After he reluctantly agreed on obeying her, she was happy and suddenly asked him to become her husband, shocking Tsurugi.

In episode 25, Lalaya told Tsurugi the reason why she wanted to marry him was because he looked like her father. Her father was a powerful king who knew how to rule ethically. She wanted to make Tsurugi the new king because she believed that he could make right decisions like her father did.

In episode 26, Lalaya asked Tsurugi if he had decided to become the king of Faram Obius. However, Tsurugi still couldn't make his decision so he asked her to let him go around Faram Obius alone to gain more knowledge about it. She disagreed at first but when Tsurugi promised her that he would come back, she gave him permission to have freedom for one day.

In episode 28, Tsurugi returned and asked Lalaya what her responsibility of being a queen is. She replied saying that her responsibility was to make the planet feel happy. Tsurugi then told her that the planet was suffering, and that someone locked her up in the palace and controlled the planet at their own will. As Lalaya objected Tsurugi's statement, he offered to take Lalaya on a tour around the city. Tsurugi then led her around the city, and later into a slum in the city. He told her that the people living there had their properties robbed by the nobles. When Tsurugi asked if this was the planet her father desired to establish, Lalaya cried.

In episode 32, Tsurugi told her that Ruza Donolzen was the one behind everything that happened to the people of Faram Obius. Before Lalaya made the decision of imprisoning Donolzen, she came and imprisoned both her and Tsurugi into the jail. In the jail, Lalaya's worries grew, and Tsurugi consoled her, saying that everything would be fine.

In episode 36, Lalaya and Tsurugi were saved out of the prison by Minel Eiba and two guards. Later, while watching the view of Faram Obius, he was confronted by Acrous Obies (in the form of king), who told him an important message. When Lalaya told Minel to forfeit the match, Tsurugi stepped in the scene and said that he would join Faram Dite. He also said that they would win in the match against Earth Eleven, and that this should be the road Faram Obius should embark on. Later, he learnt the truth about Ixal and Ixal Fleet from Ozrock. When he saw the members of Faram Dite awe-stricken, he teased them that the people of the strongest planet in the galaxy could actually be afraid, which raised the captain, Argo Burgess's pique. Though, he successfully raised the spirit of the whole team. Later, he appeared in front of Earth Eleven in Faram Dite's uniform, which greatly shocked Tenma and the whole Earth team.

In episode 37, he did normal shots twice but was punched back by Ibuki and then he used Bicycle Sword to score the first goal for Faram Dite.


Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie: The Ultimate Bonds Gryphon

Tsurugi appeared in the movie with the rest of Raimon's team. They were surprised to see they were on the God Eden, an island where the Fifth Sector train SEEDs. After he was awake, a man called Kibayama Douzan appeared and introduced to Raimon his team, Unlimited Shining. Tsurugi talked to Hakuryuu since he apparently knew him before it. The two teams fought in a field near to the place where they woke up and Raimon was badly beaten and lost 12-0.

He, along with his teammates, was reunited with the coach Endou who came to save them with some of the previous Inazuma Japan members; Kabeyama, Kazemaru, Fubuki and Fudou. Fubuki trained him, along with Hikaru and Nishiki, for the upcoming match. As Raimon faced a match against Ancient Dark in order to get permission to train in the forest, he tried to score a goal with Devil Burst, but it was easily blocked by Ashiya Noboru's Kill Bridge.

During the match against Zero, Tsurugi used his keshin to stop Hakuryuu's keshin, Seijuu Shining Dragon, but failed. He also used his keshin again to stop Hakuryuu's with Shindou's and Tenma's but failed another time because of White Breath. After Tenma's keshin evolved into Majin Pegasus Arc and had beaten Hakuryuu's keshin, he created a chain shoot with Shindou's Harmonics, using Death Drop, then Tenma received the ball and completed the chain with a keshin shoot. It scored the first goal to Raimon, breaking Hebino's Serpent Fang. Later, he used Joker Rains with Shindou after Fudou gives advice to them and scored a goal. At the end of the movie, Tsurugi used Evolution, the combination shoot of Joker Rains and Mach Wind with Shindou and Tenma. Hebino wasn't able to block it with Serpent Fang, but his goal was saved by Hakuryuu and Shuu. At the end of the movie he and Hakuryuu reconciled with a handshake. As he asks him what he would do next, Hakuryuu commented that he would return to play from the basic in order to defeat his biggest rival, Tsurugi.

Game appearance

Character avatar

Front sprite Avatar
Raimon jacket Kyousuke avatar jacket game.png
Raimon's uniform Kyousuke's Raimon (GO) Sprite.png
Mixi Max Tsurugi Kyousuke - Mixi Max.png
Shinsei Inazuma Japan's uniform Tsurugi Kyousuke - Shinsei Inazuma Japan avatar.png
Casual Tsurugi casual clothes FS.png Tsurugi casual sprite.pngTsurugi CS game sprite shock.pngTsurugi with Okitas clothing CS talk sprite.png
Young sprite (Chrono Stone) Young Tsurugi Sprite CS.pngCs tsurugi young sprite.png

Wii avatar

Choice screen Tsurugi Small Icon Wii.png
Soccer uniform Kyousuke 2nd Half Raimon Wii Sprite.pngKyousuke Raimon Wii Sprite.png

SD avatar

Uniform SD Avatar Tsurugi Kyousuke (Seifuku).png

Character view

Front overview Back overview Front close view Back close view
Raimon jacket Tsurugi casual front full.png Tsurugi casual back full.png Tsurugi casual front.png Tsurugi casual back.png
Raimon uniform (Galaxy) (R GO) Tsurugi 3D (1).png (R GO) Tsurugi 3D (2).png (R GO) Tsurugi 3D (3).png (R GO) Tsurugi 3D (4).png
Keshin Armed (Kensei Lancelot) (Galaxy) (Arm. Lancelot) Tsurugi 3D (1).png (Arm. Lancelot) Tsurugi 3D (2).png (Arm. Lancelot) Tsurugi 3D (3).png (Arm. Lancelot) Tsurugi 3D (4).png
Raimon uniform (Miximax Form; Okita) (R GO) Tsurugi 3D (5).png (R GO) Tsurugi 3D (6).png (R GO) Tsurugi 3D (7).png (R GO) Tsurugi 3D (8).png
Shinsei Inazuma Japan uniform (Galaxy) (SIJ) Tsurugi 3D (1).png (SIJ) Tsurugi 3D (2).png (SIJ) Tsurugi 3D (3).png (SIJ) Tsurugi 3D (4).png
Inazuma Japan (GO)
Earth Eleven uniform (Galaxy)
(EE) Tsurugi 3D (1).png (EE) Tsurugi 3D (2).png (EE) Tsurugi 3D (3).png (EE) Tsurugi 3D (4).png
Faram Dite uniform (Galaxy) (FD) Tsurugi 3D (1).png (FD) Tsurugi 3D (2).png (FD) Tsurugi 3D (3).png (FD) Tsurugi 3D (4).png
Soccer uniform (Child form) (Child) Tsurugi 3D (1).png (Child) Tsurugi 3D (2).png (Child) Tsurugi 3D (3).png (Child) Tsurugi 3D (4).png


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

Mixi Max

Mixi Max Tsurugi's QR code.

In order to recruit Mixi Max Tsurugi, his QR code needs to be scanned first. Also, the following requirements are needed:

  • Coin Silvercoin.png × 2
  • Photo: Old Clubroom Sign (旧部室の看板の写真, taken at the old soccer building at Raimon)
  • Photo: Yuuichi's Soccer Ball (優一のサッカーボールの写真, taken at Inazuma General Hospital's 2nd floor)
  • Photo: Unequalled (天下無双の写真, taken in Kusaka Ryuuji's room in the Galaxy Nauts Gou)
  • Record: Treasure Lover (宝箱に愛されし者, open 200 treasure chests)

After this, he can be scouted.

Child form


All stats are at level 99 and untrained.

Inazuma Eleven GO
  • GP: 162
  • TP: 200
  • Kick: 137
  • Dribbling: 94
  • Technique: 88
  • Block: 104
  • Speed: 98
  • Stamina: 113
  • Catch: 58
  • Lucky: 104
  • Freedom: 90
Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone
Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

All stats are fully upgraded.

Inazuma Eleven Strikers
  • TP: 160
  • Kick: A
  • Guard: B
  • Body: B
  • Speed: B
  • Control: B
  • Catch: C
Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme
Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013

Inazuma Eleven SD

All stats are at S-rank, level 50, limit break 10, fully upgraded, all skills learned and all kizuna unlocked.


  • GP: 211
  • TP: 108
  • Kick: 56
  • Dribble: 41
  • Block: 34
  • Catch: 28


Manga only
Inazuma Eleven GO
Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone
Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Inazuma Eleven Strikers
Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme
Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013
Inazuma Eleven AC: All Stars
Inazuma Eleven SD


Inazuma Eleven GO
Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone
Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
Inazuma Eleven Strikers 2012 Xtreme
Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013

Keshin fusion

Inazuma Eleven GO

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013

Keshin Armed

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Tsurugi Armed.

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

Normal form

Mixi Max form

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013

Normal form

Mixi Max

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Best Mixi Max match

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

Best Mixi Max match (Normal form)

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

Game exclusive teams

Inazuma Eleven GO

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


Tsurugi's 3D models comparison.

  • In Japanese, the word Tsurugi means Sword. However, Tsurugi's surname is spelled with 2 kanji, 剣 (Sword) and 城 (Castle).
    • This can also be found in his last name in the dub, "Blade".
  • He has a habit of putting his hands in his pockets, even when using a certain hissatsu or calling out his Keshin.
    • Another habit of Tsurugi is to not close any jacket with zipper leaving it open in the middle and raising the collar of his uniform.
  • He is the first character in the anime series to have scored an own goal.
  • In the first and second Wii games, he cannot wear any uniform other than Raimon's. He instead wears his casual clothes that he wore at the start of GO.
  • In Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie: The Ultimate Bonds Gryphon, it is shown that he has a rivalry with Hakuryuu since the time they were both training as SEED's on God Eden.
  • In Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy game, Tsurugi has a slight change in his 3D model, being one of the very few characters whose appearance changes from one game to another.
  • In Inazuma Eleven SD, the Shinsei Raimon version of Tsurugi was featured on the title screen. However the Tenma Arc story which was planned to be released in July-August 2020 was delayed, and eventually the game was shut down in December 2020 before the story was added, this version of Tsurugi was never added to the game.
  • He has character songs titled Onaji Yume wo Miteru with Yuuichi, Te wo Tsunagou with Tenma and Aoi, Sayonara Kako no Ore with Kariya Masaki, Bokutachi no Shiro with Tenma, Shindou, Kirino and Shinsuke and Mikazuki Smile with Endou Mamoru, Shindou and Kirino.