Umihebi Stadium (ウミヘビスタジアム, Umihebi Sutajiamu, lit. Sea Snake Stadium) is a stadium used in the FFI.


The stadium is on the Umihebi Island.


In both the game and anime, this stadium was used for the match of Inazuma Japan against Knights of Queen.


Inazuma Japan Vs Knights of Queen

This was Inazuma Japan's first international match. They struggled a lot to win as Endou needed a brand new hissatsu, which he created in the match called Ijigen The Hand. Someoka and Sakuma debuted as part of Inazuma Japan, as they did not play in the Asia preliminaries.

Orpheus Vs Knights of Queen

It was seen in episode 96, but only a resume. Despite the efforts of Knights of Queen's players, Orpheus won with a comeback victory of 1-2. Edgar scored with his Paladin Strike and Fideo scored with two normal shots.

Tactics used


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