Ura Raimon A (ウラ雷門A) is a team that can be challenged in the second Inazuma Eleven game.


The uniform is gray and yellow.


First, you must have finished the main story. After that, you have to go to the Oumihara's coach and talk to him. They will be in the upper route, the second last team.


  1. Kino Aki (GK/captain)
  2. Kageno Jin (DF)
  3. Kurimatsu Teppei (DF)
  4. Handa Shinichi (DF)
  5. Shourinji Ayumu (DF)
  6. Shishido Sakichi (MF)
  7. Matsuno Kuusuke (MF)
  8. Kazemaru Ichirouta (MF)
  9. Otonashi Haruna (MF)
  10. Raimon Natsumi (FW)
  11. Someoka Ryuugo (FW)


  • This team is a combination of Dark Emperors' members and managers.
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