Valentin Girikanan (ヴァレンティン・ギリカナン, Varentin Girikanan) is the former chairman and the founder of the Orion Foundation.


Valentin is tall, well-built man with a dove-gray short hair and one blue streak that falls on his forehead. He has green eyes and short stubble. He wears a dark blue suit, with white shirt and grey tie.


Valentin Girikanan appeared in Shinjou Takuma's flashback when he was talking to Inamori Asuto about the genesis of the Orion Foundation. Valentin loved soccer and wanted children around the world to know the joy of the game. He was seen later when his son Froy recalled memories of his childhood. Valentin gave him a soccer ball and asked him to keep playing, hoping for a better tomorrow, despite the illness he was struggling with and frail body. Froy fulfilled his request and while he was playing he forgot about his weaknesses and overcame his limitations. When Froy doubted his skills and was discouraged, Valentin showed him children who were playing soccer. He explained to his son that they lived in poverty, couldn't afford good food like Froy, yet they fought and chased after their dreams, which made them happy. Father advised Froy to follow their example, never give up and not to lose his spirit, so that despite his illness he would achieve everything. Finally, Valentin motivated Froy and he returned to playing soccer.



  • Valentin passed away when Froy was 6 years old. Froy is 14 in the present which means he passed away 8 years ago.
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