Yuri Rodina (ユーリ・ロディナ, Yūri Rodina) is the secondary captain and a forward for Perfect Spark.


Yuri has fair skin, teal eyes and strawberry blond hair with two long bangs at the sides. His shorter bangs across his forehead stick out in a curve. The back of his shoulder-length hair is worn into a ponytail. He also wears blue earrings.


Yuri was first seen on a picture in episode 22 on Nosaka Yuuma's tablet. He was playing as a goalkeeper on the picture but his Eleven Licence says that his actual position is forward. Those informations confused both Nosaka and Nishikage Seiya in their analysis. Yuri Rodina appeared physically later in the episode when Russian team welcomed Inazuma Japan, Spanish team Muteki no Giant and American Star Unicorn, after they came to Russia for the Football Frontier International tournament.





  • Yuri, Froy, Ichihoshi, and Viktor played on the same Russian club team.
  • Yuri's name was written as ユーリ (Yūri, with the short ri) in episode 22, but it was changed to ユーリー (Yūrī, with the long ri) in episode 35. However it was changed back to ユーリ in episode 47.


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