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Yurika Beor (ユリカ・ベオル, Yurika Beoru) is a forward and captain for Shadow of Orion.


Yurika has long, white hair tied into pigtails, with bangs that cover her left eye. She also has green eyes.


Yurika has an emotionless personality which greatly influenced by Irina and Orion, leading their elite team.


Yurika was first seen on episode 46 at the conclusion of the Inazuma Japan and Guardians of Queen match staring at the players at its conclusion, saying that their resistance is futile. Later in the next episode she was also seen watching the match between Inazuma Japan and Perfect Spark at the FFI finals. Then on episode 48 she revealed herself as the captain of Shadow of Orion. During the match, Froy revealed her to be a friend of his from their childhood. She was also the one who did the Hat Trick against Zhao Jinyuns.




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