Yuujou no God Hand (友情(ゆうじょう)のゴッドハンド, Yuujou no Goddo Hando, lit. God Hand of Friendship) is a catch hissatsu technique.




Endou used Yuujou no God Hand during the match between Zhao Jinyuns and Shadow of Orion. Yurika Beor used Black Field and some players wanted to stop the technique but Endou stated that they should move away. Endou then used the technique and succeeded in stopping Black Field.


Similar to the classic hissatsu God Hand, the user thrusts out his/her hand as an green and orange aura of a hand appears. As the ball shoots into the hand, the hand closes into a fist to contain the shot as a whirlwind circles around the hissatsu. If the hissatsu is successful, the user will bring the ball to his/her side smoothly.




  • This hissatsu didn't have typography on its first use because Endou named it after he used it.
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