Zafar Gin (ザファル・ギン, Zafaru Gin) is a defender of Eternal Dancers.


Zafar has a fair skin tone, yellowish eyes and blushy cheeks. He has blue hair shaved at the sides and styled into a mowhawk. He is the shortest in his team.


When Eternal Dancers started to play rough and focused all their attention on eliminating Nosaka Yuuma, Zafar wanted to take the ball from him but failed. After Inazuma Japan used their tactic Grid Omega version 2.0, he was lying motionless on the field. Later he was blocking access to the Uzbekistan's goal with Majid Azel and Ibrohim Abi. They wanted to stop Haizaki Ryouhei so that he couldn't pass the ball. However, he found a gap in their defense and kicked the ball to Inamori Asuto who immediately scored. Inazuma Japan won with the advantage of two points.



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