Zhao Jinyuns Emblem

Zhao Jinyuns (チョウキンウンズ, Chou Kinunzu) is Zhao Jinyun's team to fight Shadow of Orion.


Their uniform consists of a teal T-shirt with downward yellow arrow markings on the sleeves, shorts, and shoes of the same colors, and dark gray socks. The goalkeeper's uniform consists of a gray and yellow shirt, gray shorts, yellow socks, and teal shoes. The captain's band is red. The crest on their uniforms symbolize the Arrow of Artemis.




  • Out of 18 members, only four of which play the entire match, being Endou, Asuto, Nosaka and Li Hao.
  • Out of 18 members, only five of which didn’t score being Fudou, Kazemaru, Aphrodi, Arthur and Petronio.
  • Out of 18 members, Kazemaru is the only one whose official position is a defender.
  • Haizaki is the teams highest goal scorer scoring on two occasions.


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